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Danijela Vnučec Grdović

Corvinus Summer School 2018 - Society, Economics and Business - A Central and Eastern European Perspective.Please note that students coming from Corvinus partner schools have a special discount:

- We offer a 10% discount on the tuition fee for Corvinus Partner Universities
- In addition, you may take advantage of our 10% group discount / min. 5 students / university

The Normal registration deadline is 1st June 2018!

It would be much appreciated, if you could share this information with your students and place it on your university web / facebook page.
Please see the Student Call for Application here below in my email!

For further information, please visit: http://www.uni-corvinus.hu/summerschool


Corvinus Summer School (CSS) 2018 Budapest embraces the task of making YOUR going abroad a beneficial adventure in both a personal and professional sense.

COME & LEARN with CSS here in Budapest -one of the most prestigious and cosmopolitan city (and university) in Europe cut into half by the beautiful river Danube -packed with cultural heritage sights and unique entertainment opportunities, not only in but also outside the city.

COME & LEARN with CSS here in Budapest and have fun at the very same time!

Learn more about CSS in general at:

CSS works just as well as a self-development training as an academic study experience.

On the one hand, you can further develop and gain self-sufficiency, a sense of responsibility and build a stronger and more international network, which will help you throughout your career.

On the other hand, CSS courses offer the opportunity to develop your academic skills in a great environment through lectures full of workshops and applied visits to successful businesses, organisations or research centers.

Not to mention the attractive social & cultural programs CSS have planned for you to enjoy yourselves

·         Have you heard of our special lab for financial studies before, which you can use if you choose the course ’Investment Decisions – Case Studies’?

·         Have you ever dreamt of navigating your very own Start-up in the future? If your answer is ’Yes’, check out the course ’Startup Navigator - Understanding and Creating New Ventures’?

·         Have you learnt about the newest Public Management concepts in Central Eastern Europe yet? If not, you will have a chance to learn with an expert in the course of ’Challenges of Public Management – Practical Approach’.

Make your choice of CSS course for this summer NOW at:

For personal contact, please send your queries to: summerschool@uni-corvinus.hu


Hope to welcome you amongst the CSS participants here in Budapest this summer of 2018!

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