Published: 2022-03-17 at 08:00

"Ideological heritage, territorial disorder, the return of a sense of power and the need to usurp the past have become a pattern of military action with all the consequences in Ukrainian society and territory," says the Statement on Ukrainian drama, which was unanimously adopted by the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Croatian Studies of University of Zagreb on 14 March 2022.

Wanting to show the care that many other nations had towards Croats during the 1990s, the Faculty of Croatian Studies invites refugee students from Ukraine to continue their studies in Croatia.

The statement of the Faculty Council is published in its entirety.

I. Today's times are full of viral, shocking, war as well as social, economic, financial, political, and other challenges in the societies and areas around us. Historical calm, long-sought order, and achieved harmony seem to disappear before our eyes, and the world is slowly and surely turning into a controlled matrix, within which the human population becomes a matrix number or field below established political and financial inviolability as proof of such order. Entering the controlled matrix of world economic, financial, geopolitical, and any other globalism is the alignment of spheres of interest with levers of power, which despite political-diplomatic illusions of calm include military campaigns, appropriation of other areas by aggression, war, and ultimately threats to others, different and restless in the matrix.

II. Just when the speed on Earth and within the matrix slowed down a bit due to large tidal and devastating virus waves, history was repeated according to irrational patterns in Eastern Europe and demonstration of power and need for a new level of control of the European and World matrix followed. Historical ideological heritage, territorial disorder, the return of a sense of power, and the need to usurp the past have become a pattern of military action with all the consequences in Ukrainian society and territory, despite the great possible threats to the human population. Disruption in the controlled matrix always brings discord into its fields and ranks, and inevitably war relations change population relations as well.

III. The military campaign on Ukrainian territory and the devastating images of the Ukrainian present worry every rational person and take us back to the leaden times of past aggressions and military actions. Trained political-diplomatic rhetoric does not help when the suffering of ordinary people outside of political elitism and especially children is the Ukrainian reality of our days. Millions had to abandon their long-built harmony of life and go into the unknown, going through life tragedies for which warpath has no understanding. We are reminded of the images from the beginning of the 1990s and the feeling of abandonment when Croatian villages and towns were destroyed and when idealism and dignity remained the only strength opposite. We, therefore, understand the Ukrainian reality and want to alleviate the tragedy of them leaving their streets, squares, and flowery meadows. We want to invite them to study, to learn the Croatian language, to a way of life in freedom, and to show them the care that others had for us in the 1990s. It is not a change of way of life, nor is it ever possible, but only the friendly relationship that everyone who had to leave their own deserves.


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