Croatian Cultural Tourism
Code: 213952
ECTS: 3.0
Lecturers in charge: prof. dr. sc. Zoran Curić
Lecturers: Tamara Bodor, mag. croat. i mag.comm. - Seminar
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Seminar 30
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
To introduce students with Croatian historical, cultural and geographical basics.
To provide better understanding of Croatia as a part of Central European and Mediterranean cultural scope.
To become familiar with Croatian rich cultural heritage through study tours.
To connect Croatian tourist and emigrant potential.

Learning outcomes at the level of the programme to which the course contributes:
To increase the knowledge, skills and understanding of the key and functional relationship between the structure and movement of the population and the economic, social and geographical legitimacy and processes of the emigrant economic, financial, academic, demographic and any other wealth and the overall development of Croatia.
To develop the ability to recognize, identify, clarify, implement and defend the need for the analysis of population and diaspora in service of societal and political decision-making.
To contribute to the development of personal traits of a student, particularly by developing a value system. This value system is defined by Croatian identity values within the framework of total population of Croatia without which it would be impossible to further analyse and focus the issues of demography and diaspora within academic and general frameworks.

Expected learning outcomes at the level of the course:
1. To develop ability for correct and precise insights of cultural traces in accordance with appropriate social and political context.
2. To adopt fact overview of spiritual and material products of Croatian culture from ancient history until nowadays.
3. To increase knowledge and understanding of synthesis of domestic cultural achievements and foreign phenomena found in that area as well as foundation of their correlations with Central European and Mediterranean cultural circles.
4. To develop ability for critical consideration of cultural heritage as a valuable tourist potential.
5. To increase interest for research Croatian emigration as an irreplaceable element for Croatian tourism development.
6. To become familiar with European cultural politics and develop ability of recognizing models optimal for implementation in specific geographical and cultural scope.
7. To be able to recognize and discern different features of local, regional and national cultural tourism models in Croatia.

Course content:
1. Introductory lecture, student obligations, bibliography
2. Historical review of tourism development in Croatia / Natural and social factors of cultural tourism development in Croatia
3. Croatian geolocation peculiarities: coastal belt, mountains and hills, plains
4. Medieval towns and fortifications of Croatian noble families
5. Through the paths of Frankopan family
6. Through the paths of Zrinski family
7. Croatian cultural heritage: Middle Age and early Renaissance
8. Croatian cultural heritage: Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo
9. Croatian cultural heritage: classicism, romanticism, historicism, secession, subsequent processes
10. Preliminary exam
11. Field work
12. Through the paths of Croatian naive art
13. Croatian national parks and nature parks
14. Cultural events with tourist significance / seminar workshop
15. Oral exam
1. semester
DEM (17929) - Izborni predmeti - Regular studij - Demography and Croatian Diaspora

2. semester
DEM (17929) - Izborni predmeti - Regular studij - Demography and Croatian Diaspora

4. semester
DEM (17929) - Izborni predmeti - Regular studij - Demography and Croatian Diaspora

5. semester
DEM (17929) - Izborni predmeti - Regular studij - Demography and Croatian Diaspora

6. semester
DEM (17929) - Izborni predmeti - Regular studij - Demography and Croatian Diaspora
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