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Psychology is a modern social science that has developed as an indispensable scientific discipline, not only because of scientific theories and knowledge from the main subject of its activity - human behavior and experience, but also because of the application of the results of psychological research in many areas of human activity. Demands for the profile of psychologists in developed societies are growing, and it is expected that this profession will be among the leaders in terms of employment in the coming decades.

The study program at undergraduate and graduate levels is in accordance with the European Diploma in Psychology, which guarantees that it provides professional competencies recognized within the European Union, and makes graduates in psychology fully qualified to compete in the labour markets. The study program is at the same time original, as it follows the basic concept of Croatian Studies, which is to approach students' education in an interdisciplinary manner. At the graduate level, this kind of program enables theoretical, methodological and practical education, training and training in several areas of applied psychology, especially clinical, organizational and educational. The education they have completed, the knowledge, competences and skills they have acquired and which are included in the curriculum of psychology studies, provide a graduated psychology student with a number of opportunities and make him a qualified and competitive participant in the existing labor market.

Read and see about the study program, proffesors, students and other information that interests you on the pages of the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Croatian Studies.

Published: 2014-05-12 at 09:18
Edited: 2014-05-12 at 09:27
Marina Štambuk

(September 18 - September 20, 2014)

The Conference covers all fields of psychology and is therefore open to diverse topics; however, it is organized around the theme of culture and context. This theme might help to increase the epistemic and praxeological concept of psychology and show the enormous quantity of  links to other academic disciplines. Particular attention will be paid to the promotion of young scientists by awarding prizes and fellowships for their research work.

Scientific conferences are attended to get new insights, to exchange scientific experiences, to establish a feeling of coherence within the professional boundaries. A possible answer to the aforementioned question may be our will to handle our motivesto participate in such a conference in an honest and open way - to agree that international conviviality is an important part about it! Located in the geographically and culturally charming Baranya, Pécs offers modern academic facilities along with a multitude of leisure and touristic activities.



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